Education For All
Education for all

Education For All

Every single person deserves the right to an education and it should never be based on documented status.
Please call your delegate/ senator and tell them how important equal education for all is. Don’t know what to say…we have a script for you
My name is __________ and I am calling to ask Delegate/Senator _____________ to transfer bills HB 343 and HB11 to the education committee. These tuition equity bills are designed to provide in-state tuition benefits for students with fluctuating immigration statuses, and therefore clearly related to issues of access to higher level education, which is in the jurisdiction of the Education Committee.
The students who stand to benefit from this bill are hard working students who are only asking for an equal opportunity to access higher education, and better the Commonwealth. We are calling, therefore, to ask that this bill be reviewed alongside other education bills and considered with the same standards rather than be put in a committee where it will not be given the same priority as other education bills.
Thank you very much for your time.
Cox, M. Kirkland (Chair) Republican
Gilbert, C. Todd Republican
Landes, R. Steven Republican
Kilgore, Terry G. Republican
Ware, R. Lee Republican
Jones, S. Chris Republican
Orrock, Robert D., Republican
Knight, Barry D. Republican
Ingram, Riley E. Republican
Habeeb, Gregory D. Republican
Hugo, Timothy D. Republican
Plum, Kenneth R. Democrat
Toscano, David J. Democrat
Carr, Betsy B. Democrat
Ward, Jeion A. Democrat
Torian, Luke E. Democrat
Bagby, Lamont Democrat

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